Happy Holidays!

Aside from listening to too much Fleetwood Mac (if that’s even possible), being really sad by the Downton Abbey Christmas special and having a bad cold, I had a really nice holiday. I wanted to do a sort of recap of the last week with some of the pictures I took. I have about 3 rolls of film to get developed, which I’m looking forward to seeing. In the meantime, I will post some of the digital photographs I have taken (boo, DSLRs aren’t as fun to me anymore).


I was surprised by this amazing gift of Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness on vinyl, which has beautiful artwork and sounds incredible.


Because two of my sisters (and their families) weren’t here on Eid in October, we decided we postpone our Eid Dinner to a time when everyone was available. So it happened to fall on Christmas Day and we had a nicely planned out evening (courtesy of my 4 nieces). They wrote out this sign so that all the adults could keep track of how the night was going to go.


These are all the presents that got exchanged. I got a Forever 21 gift card and this awesome poster!

withangiekomal-2949Angela was back from Vancouver for the holidays and we got to spend some time together. She, Komal and I had great conversation and bonding time. I miss those girls in my life.

AliciaHouse-3081This is Lucky. He is probably the greatest dog in the history of dogs. Except when he tries to walk around in the car and basically tried to sit in the lap of the driver! Actually, he’s still the best. I had some good catch up time with this kid.


Had a really hilarious games night with friends last night. I have a bunch of pictures of this night, but the expression on Mona’s face in this one is pretty accurate of the one she had all night – probably because she was winning all of the games.

In terms of photography, 2012 was amazing, but I’m looking forward to all the picture taking in 2013. Happy New Year!

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