Trial and Error.

I’m still in the process of testing out different types of film and 35mm cameras. I got back the rolls of film that I shot over the past couple of weeks to see some disappointing results. One annoying thing is that because it is winter and super cold outside (when I want to do outdoor shooting), the cameras that I have been using tend to freeze or stop working entirely, which means several frames were completely wasted. Also, I’m still working on the focusing when using the Minolta and Ricoh cameras, which becomes more difficult when taking candid shots. I need to have a lot more practice in anticipating the moment as opposed to taking out my camera after the moment has passed or rushing through it. I am still figuring out which exposure/aperture settings are best in order to get the focus right. All of this will come with more practice. Good thing I have more Kodak Ektar and Portra film on the way!

Here are some shot on Ilford 100 and Fomapan 400, using my Canon AE1 and Minolta XG1.

There’s a pretty distinct difference between the Ilford and the Fomapan – Ilford has more blacks and  high contrasts in the film, whereas Fomapan has a dullness with more grays, which I don’t mind too much. I do enjoy the look of the Ilford more, but again, I need lots more practice in order to get better results.


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