Over the weekend, I was asked by a dear friend of mine to take photos at a party for her newly born son. Now I have to say, it was a little bit awkward for a number of reasons:

1. Being a guest and a photographer at an event can be difficult. It’s always been pretty natural for me to have a camera on me and be a person taking photos at any given event, that’s something I’m used to. However, being a person that is responsible for taking photos and also sitting around and trying to have conversations with people I haven’t seen in a while is tough.  I was constantly scanning the room, looking for photo opportunities and didn’t have as much meaningful conversation as I wanted. Both my conversations and my photos weren’t as significant as I would have liked.

2. There wasn’t much going on. This event was a pretty laid back, with not a lot of action happening. My main focus was to take pictures of the family and interactions being had with my friend’s son. But there was no main presentation or anything happening, other than the food (and I really don’t like taking pictures while people are eating … it just seems rude), so there was a lot of time for me to just stand/sit around waiting for something to happen.

3. My gear looked kind of intimidating. This probably has a lot to do with my own self-consciousness, but considering the event was so casual, my gear looked pretty serious business. I was using the 24-70mm lens that I rented on my 60D with a flash, and for me, that is pretty impressive. But it might have been a bit much for this occasion.

Anyway, on with (some of) the photos!



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