Venturing into medium format

Several years ago, a co-worker of a good friend of mine was getting rid of a few film cameras and because my friend is wonderful and knows me well, knew that I love cameras and took them from him to give me. Among those cameras was a Yashica-A TLR 120 film camera. Up until about a month ago, it sat on my bookshelf as a piece of decor because I wasn’t sure if it worked and didn’t have the courage or time to spend on it. Recently, I was pushed by my photography partner to venture into using it because we are always looking for new ways to experience film. I am so glad that we did because the experience was amazing, and produced some fascinating results.

As much as I am interested in capturing candid moments, I also love the practice of patience when using this camera. It takes a minute or so to meter and focus, so thinking about the set-up of each shot takes time, especially when there’s only 12 exposures for every 120 film. It’s a really simple camera, but there also lots of ways to make errors.  produces really distinct results than the 35mm photos I have taken.

I feel like I haven’t been getting the results I want from the 35mm cameras and film I have shot on recently and medium format produces really distinct images that look and feel really different. There’s a lot more room for experimentation, which I am beginning to love. 

These are pictures I took when we spent an afternoon in High Park the day after a heavy snow fall.

4 thoughts on “Venturing into medium format

    • I think their prices are decent … well compared to somewhere like Black’s, which takes weeks and is more expensive. Right now since I’m just experimenting with film, I only do high-res scans.

      I eventually would love to do the processing and scans myself though.

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