Missed opportunities.

As suggested by my dearest friend, I’m making a post dedicated to all of the times that I didn’t have my camera on me, for the times I was scrambling to get it out of my bag (or I didn’t have room for it because I wanted to wear a cuter bag), for the times I couldn’t get the focus and settings right or fast enough, for all the missed shots that haunt me at night.

Since I am working deep in the suburbs, I am finding less things to photograph and less reasons to always carry a camera with me (like I have done for pretty much the longest time). Usually because of laziness, weight or weather, I will only carry a film camera – lately it has been my beloved Canonet rangefinder, which is very limited in it’s focal length and the focus ring takes a while to get used to (even now).

I was on the subway on Sunday morning, passing Castle Frank station on the bridge that overlooks the DVP, and what do I see ? The whole highway is over run by cyclists! As soon as I notice it, I reach in my bag (already too late) only to remember that I only had my Canonet and wouldn’t get a remotely decent shot of it.

I know that it is physically impossible to be able to capture all of the shots that I want to, but I feel (or it has been pointed out to me) like I have been making less of an effort to have a camera ready to shoot.

I suppose this post is to acknowledge the truth in that, and try much harder to get the pictures that I want.

Otherwise I will end up getting more shots like this:




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