A bit off.

Working with models always feels like an intimidating process for me, especially because I am working on building confidence as a photographer and especially because right now I usually work with them to trade services. When I am trading time/services with a model, we come into a situation with a sense of trust, expectations of expanding our portfolio and trying to what we need from the other person. And usually the intimidation comes in for me when I have to rely solely on my ability to be consistent, and good with producing results.

I generally have had pretty successful experiences working with models, finding what I’m looking for and directing that person there with me.  But I felt really challenged by this photoshoot. Maybe the lighting wasn’t right, the weather wasn’t warm enough, the location was wrong, perhaps the chemistry just wasn’t there, or maybe I was just feeling off.

In any case, I realised this early on in the shoot but tried to make the best out of the situation. Here are some of the results. More can be seen on my flickr page.







All images © 2013 Sara Mir.

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