With the band.

This post is almost 2 months overdue (Sorry, OC!). I took them at the beginning of November when Christie Pitts was covered in leaves and fall colours. It was incredibly cold that day but the images look like they have been taken in the summer time. I have worked with Kalunga before as a model but  this time he wanted us to take photos with his band. I really wanted most of the photographs to capture the chemistry between the band and be mostly candid.

All of them were taken with a Nikon FA on  Ektar 100, with the exception of the last two, which were taken with my 60D. I think this might be my first roll using the Nikon FA, which is a great camera and I will probably continue to use it in the couple of months. The saturation on Ektar film (which usually is really incredible)  was kind of distracting in this case so I made it more subdued in editing.









kalungaband-1All images © 2013 Sara Mir.

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